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Slide Employers:
Know your workplace
labour law
rights and responsibilities
Slide Prevent labor lawsuits
before they happen.
Slide We will help you prepare your
Employee Handbook.

Here’s why being an employer in California demands extra vigilance:

  • The cost of defending a lawsuit for wrongful termination, disabilities discrimination, age discrimination, religious discrimination or EEOC claim, can readily exhaust a million dollars (excluding judgments).
  • Thus, even the “successful” defense of such an action cannot be viewed as a victory, or a solution.
  • California laws make it extremely easy for employees to sue an employer for unfair dismissal, constructive dismissal, EEO violations, overtime law violations and sex discrimination.
  • California laws make it easy for employees to win, and force the employer to pay for their attorneys… unless you are prepared.

Here’s how you prepare:

  • Create an employee handbook or letter of employment that includes all available legal protections permitted by law; many companies settle for documents available on the internet. This is an often fatal “penny-wise, pound-foolish” mistake.
  • Make sure your handbook is regularly updated, so its protective qualities are not diluted by frequent changes in labour regulations, including California overtime law.
  • If employees complain about working conditions, or if you are thinking about firing an employee, call me immediately, to be certain that you assess the legal risks unique to the particular circumstances, and take appropriate precautions. This recommendation applies whether or not employees are covered under a state or federal employment relations act.
  • With these measures alone you’ll discourage at least 80% of even the most aggressive lawyers.
  • For the remaining 20% you’ll need to up your game significantly. Take advantage of my introductory offer to be sure you’re fully protected.

Special note:

While I can’t guarantee that you’ll never be sued when represented by my office, I can tell you this: of the hundreds of employers I have advised, not one has ever been taken to court for any employment law violation with these precautions in place and I’ve been practicing labor law since 1981. I have a superlative record. If you want that kind of experience on your side, give me a call. I’d be happy to help.

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